Carols for Christmas



Due to current Covid restrictions, public events at War Memorials were not permitted this year. Ormiston's Act of Remembrance took place in the church building on Sunday 8th November. Wreaths were presented at the front of the church, at the communion table, and then discreetly placed at the War Memorials afterwards. Please click the image below to see photos. These include pictures of the church service, the placing of two wreaths at the WW1 Memorial beside the church, and the two wreaths placed at the village War Memorial for WW1 and WW2.



Remembrance Message

Please click below for a pre-recorded message from the minister. Entitled WHEN THE NATION PRAYED, it looks back to seven days of national prayer called by King and Parliament during WW2. The BBC also broadcast the chimes of Big Ben as a daily Minute of Prayer and Rededication each night at 9pm. This is followed by the UK Blessing, recorded in May of this year, during lockdown.


Ormiston Church Exterior


Sunday Worship


9.30am, Ormiston & Pencaitland (alternating)


For the next while we will continue the same pattern of a 9.30am service in one or other of the church buildings, plus an online meeting at 10.45am. Services last 30-40 minutes and the same requirements still apply: face coverings, use of hand sanitiser, social distancing and no singing. We’d love to welcome you if you’d like to come but, if not, please join us online if you can.



Booking is still a necessity. Please remember to do so by 1pm each Friday.

For Ormiston, please ring or email Margaret Jarvis: 01875 614506 – C4meg@aol.com

For Pencaitland, please ring or email Eileen Henderson: 01875 340482 – henders2@sky.com


Carols for Christmas – An online recording of musicians and singers, from both congregations and communities, will be available as of Christmas Eve. This can be viewed directly on YouTube or via the links on either church website. Copies can also be made available for any without access to the internet or unable to download it from the websites. Our thanks to all who’ve made this possible.

Christmas Services

Carols, Readings & Reflections – 6.30pm Sunday 13th December, in Ormiston

Please note: it is still not permissible for us to sing at this time.

Christmas Day – 10.30am Friday 25th December, in Ormiston

Please note: this will include communion for those who wish to take part.


A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped facilitate online or in-person services over the last few months. We’re grateful also to those who’ve been willing to take part. Although we look for brighter things in the new year, our national perplexities remain meanwhile. These affect what is possible over the festive period and thereafter. The basic pattern of a weekly service, alternating between the two churches and followed by a Zoom service online, will continue through to the end of January. But for a number of logistical reasons we are not able to sustain our usual number of Christmas gatherings. If you’re planning on attending any of the services in either church building, please remember to book in advance. This is especially important for the Carol and Christmas Day services.

For Ormiston, please ring or email Margaret Jarvis: 01875 614506 – C4meg@aol.com

For Pencaitland, please ring or email Eileen Henderson: 01875 340482 – henders2@sky.com




   Sunday 24nd – 9.30 service Pencaitland. 10.45 Online Devotions.

   Sunday 31st – 9.30 service Ormiston. 10.45 Online Devotions.



Sunday Devotions

10.45am, Every Sunday

To share with Ormiston & Pencaitland churches this weekend, please do so through one of the options below and follow the prompts. The link will ‘go live’ at 10.30am to give everyone time to join and get settled.


We look forward to welcoming you.


As it is being hosted as a Zoom webinar, there are various ways to connect digitally

If using a PC, smartphone, tablet, or iPad

Please click on the following or enter it into your browser


If this is your first time using Zoom, it is recommended to click on the link now to download the app and set things up beforehand. This will help avoid any delay in joining on the day.

Note: you do not need a microphone or webcam

Reflections for Holy week are available here

Starting Monday 6th April [please check back each day]

Prayers for the Nation

Across the country Churches and Christians have been praying for the national situation. A number of prayers from church leaders have been collated by Premier Christian Radio and put together under the title Prayers of Hope. Previously recorded for Sundays 22nd and 29th March, these prayers are still pertinent. To listen in and pray along with them, click here.

Try Praying – for those who don’t do church

Try Praying 2020

As in previous years, there is an encouragement to pray this April. It is intended for ordinary folk who don’t see themselves as religious but want to try praying. East Coast Buses will carry a promotion, directing people to www.trypraying.co.uk - a website belonging to There is Hope.

Booklets and other resources for children and adults may be ordered free, or you can download a 7-day app to get you started.

Booklets are also available on the railings outside the Church. Anyone can help themselves. Please contact us if you want versions for children and teenagers.



Ormiston Interior


Lockdown Resources

Over the coming weeks we aim to post a number of links to particular articles, podcasts, videos etc which some have found interesting or helpful. These will be updated as and when there are new materials to post. These are available on the Lockdown Resources section of the website.



Special services

Please refer to the diary for information concerning extra services at Easter and Christmas

which are shared with Pencaitland church at different start times.


Church address: Ormiston Parish Church, 22 Main Street, Ormiston, Tranent, EH35 5HT