2017 Annual Report

Ormiston Parish Church


Every year the congregation has to complete an annual report for the Scottish Charity Regulator. The following excerpts are from the report for 2017



Objectives and Activities for year ending on 31st December 2017


The Church of Scotland is Trinitarian in doctrine, reformed in tradition and Presbyterian in polity. It exists to glorify God and to work for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom throughout the world. As a national Church, it acknowledges a distinctive call and duty to bring the ordinances of religion to the people in every parish of Scotland through a territorial ministry. It co-operates with other Churches in various ecumenical bodies in Scotland and beyond. 


Activities included: 

  • Public worship every Sunday morning and a monthly evening service with additional services at Christmas and Easter. 
  • Celebration of Communion at Easter and on the first Sunday of February, June, September and December. 
  • Bible study and prayer group meetings. 
  • Youth activities through Sunday Club and Youth Group. 
  • Guild meetings which are held once a fortnight. 
  • Working in partnership with the local primary and secondary schools. 
  • Various social events during the year. 
  • Inviting visiting speakers to bring information about missionary activities overseas. 
  • Weddings, funerals and other events marking significant occasions in the life of the community. 
  • Pastoral care – visiting those who are in hospital, or housebound, ill or bereaved. 




Achievements and Performance 


  • Overall numbers in attendance at Sunday morning services have remained broadly unchanged over the course of the year. Members of the congregation continue to participate in Sunday Worship, by reading the Bible and on occasions taking a part in leading some aspects of the service. 
  • The numbers of children attending Sunday Club has remained steady. The children enjoy their times together as part of the service and in addition take part in activities during Easter and leading the nativity play. 
  • Evening services, held on the first Sunday of each month take the form of a worship celebration led by singers and musicians. 
  • A Sunday evening Youth Group continues to meet weekly during the school year. 
  • In Advent, a joint Memorial Service was held for those who have been bereaved, with personal invitations given to families who may have lost loved ones recently. 
  • The church building continues to be used as a venue for groups from the local and wider community. This includes: 
  1. The Presbytery for Committee meetings 
  2. The Guild for their fortnightly meetings 
  • Along with members from Pencaitland, small groups met jointly throughout the year for several different study topics, which included the Presbytery Study Course and ‘The New Horizon Study’. 
  • A Scripture Union group has continued to meet weekly at Ormiston Primary School, under the leadership of a Scripture Union volunteer and the minister. 
  • In conjunction with Scripture Union two Fun Days were held in May and December for primary age children which involved games, crafts and biblical based dramas. The lanterns made at the December event formed part of the Christmas Eve service. 
  • Firestarters (a Glasgow based Youth Group) spent a weekend in early March with both parishes and helped with church ground maintenance, prayer walking and participation in a joint service on Sunday morning. 
  • A twinning arrangement with Todey, a congregation in North India on the border with Bhutan, continues despite the difficulty with communication to that remote area. 
  • The fund-raising efforts of the previous year were continued with coffee mornings on the first Saturday of each month to sustain outreach to the wider community. In addition, two Gift Days were held in May and October. 
  • Various social events were held during the year including of film afternoons and an Advent Feast in December. 
  • Three editions of the Kirk News were distributed to members over the year and it continues to be an important vehicle to inform the wider congregation about church life. 
  • The use of social media has continued during the year to keep members and other in the local community appraised of events taking place.