2018 Annual Report

Ormiston Parish Church


Every year the congregation has to complete an annual report for the Scottish Charity Regulator. The following excerpts are from the report for 2018



Objectives and Activities for year ending on 31st December 2018


The Church of Scotland is Trinitarian in doctrine, reformed in tradition and Presbyterian in polity. It exists to glorify God and to work for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom throughout the world. As a national Church, it acknowledges a distinctive call and duty to bring the ordinances of religion to the people in every parish of Scotland through a territorial ministry. It co-operates with other Churches in various ecumenical bodies in Scotland and beyond. 


Activities included: 

  • Public worship every Sunday morning and a monthly evening service with additional services at Christmas and Easter. 
  • Celebration of Communion at Easter and on the first Sunday of February, June, September and December. 
  • Bible study and prayer group meetings. 
  • Youth activities through Sunday Club and Youth Group. 
  • Guild meetings which are held once a fortnight. 
  • Working in partnership with the local primary and secondary schools. 
  • Various social events during the year. 
  • Inviting visiting speakers to bring information about missionary activities overseas. 
  • Weddings, funerals and other events marking significant occasions in the life of the community. 
  • Pastoral care – visiting those who are in hospital, or housebound, ill or bereaved. 




Activities and Achievements for the calendar year ending on 31st December 2018


  • Attendance at Sunday Morning Services has declined slightly over the course of the year but members of the congregation, young and old, have participated in Worship, by reading the Bible, occasionally accepting the offering and pronouncing the prayers of intercession. Gathering afterwards over coffee has become a valuable routine and is something everyone enjoys before going home.


  • Numbers of children attending the Sunday Club have suffered an age-related decline, but inspired and dedicated leaders have maintained interest and helped them graduate towards involvement in the Youth group. The older young people have impressed us with their grasp of skills at the Sound Desk and we are very grateful for their commitment. The Christmas Nativity was an effective and memorable take-off based on the television show ‘University Challenge’.


  • The Sunday evening Youth Group continued to meet weekly during the school year. 


  • On the first Sunday of the month, with Worship led by singers and musicians, a joint Evening service has been conducted, with informal communion celebrated on occasions.


  • During Advent, a joint Memorial Service for the bereaved was held with Pencaitland’s congregation and over the Centenary Remembrance weekend the Church was open with a spectacular display of WW1 memorabilia encouraging many members of the community to visit and stay to talk and reflect. Members of a knitting group in the village produced an abundance of poppies, which were displayed on the railings outside the front of the church, producing an eye-catching splash of colour on the street, with photographs of soldiers and accounts of their involvement.


  • The distribution of Welcome Packs to newcomers moving into the new homes at the Western edge of the village for the first time commenced after some experimentation with the most appropriate and affordable contents.


  • The church building has been used as a venue for groups from the local and wider community, which included the Presbytery for Committee meetings and the Guild for their fortnightly meetings. 


  • A Monday group meets weekly for prayer at 7.30pm. A Bible Study group gathers on Tuesday mornings and another one on Tuesday evenings, a Scripture Union group has continued to meet weekly at Ormiston Primary School and at Ross High School.


  • In conjunction with Scripture Union Primary aged children from both parishes took part in two Fun Days with games, crafts and biblical based dramas to inspire and occupy them. Members of the congregation from both parishes have continued to grow in confidence with their ability to manage these events.


  • ‘The Fire-starters’ (a Glasgow based Youth Group), stayed for a weekend in early March covering both communities with prayer walking and joining in a joint service on Sunday morning. 


  • The twinning arrangement with pastor, Hebron Rai, of Todey, a congregation in North India on the border with Bhutan, has improved with the use of social media networks enabling a regular and personal relationship to develop.


  • The fund-raising efforts of the previous year continued with coffee mornings being held on the first Saturday of each month and a Saturday morning Gift Day held in May and October. 


  • Various church based social events were held during the year including film afternoons and an Advent Feast in December. The most adventurous outreach was the erection of a gazebo by the church in the park at the village Gala Day celebration. A variety of activities were on hand to attract visitors to the ‘tent’, thanks to the generous loan of ‘Fete’/Fair-ground type games, and all monies raised were donated to the Gala-day committee.


  • Three editions of the Kirk News were distributed to members over the year and it continues to be an important mode of communication keeping those who do not attend informed about church life while the use of all other forms of social media has kept the wider community appraised of church-based events.